How to create passive income?


Turning your family home into passive income now

How to convert your homes EQUITY into a passive income stream

Passive Income created using High Yielding Commercial Property

If you can say “Yes” to the following then it may be possible for you to create a passive income stream for yourself.

  • We live in Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane
  • We own our own home outright (ie clear title with no mortgage to the bank),or we have a small home loan and would like to pay it off quicker
  • We are currently working
  • Have clean credit
  • We would like to know more about how we may be able to make a passive income stream from High yield commercial property.

It really is that simple!

Helping you find, fund, settle and manage high yielding commercial properties


We’re here to help you “open the door to wealth“.

Our goal is to make your commercial property purchase simple.

It is much more than just buying a commercial property. With Commcierge, your personal commercial concierge, we can help you the whole way. From help finding a great commercial property to settlement, and even beyond.

Help finding the right commercial property

Yieldfinda  specialise in finding High Yield Commercial Real Estate with over 7% yield. They must have secure tenants on long term leases. They Negotiate and you get an even Higher Yield.

Help finding a cheap, fast commercial property loan

Commercial Warehouse is a commercial finance broker that specialises in arranging cheap commercial loans.

Help finding a commercial property solicitor

Commveyancer You’ll be dealing with a commercial property solicitor who will make your commercial property purchase settlement simple. This is particularly important as many high yielding commercial properties are bought interstate.

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At Commcierge, we are your personal Commercial Concierge. We will help you the whole way through. It is really that simple to create a passive income stream.