High Yield Commercial Real Estate

We specialise in finding High Yield Commercial Property with over 8% yield

They must have secure tenants on long term leases

We Negotiate 

You get an even Higher Yield

Most investors are looking for positively geared commercial property. It is hard to find these properties in, or near major metropolitan areas.

 At yieldfinda.com we help you find High Yield Commercial Property that have a greater yield than 8%.

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Major Cities Real Estate

We find commercial real estate for sale in or near major metropolitan areas across Australia

Window Of Opportunity

High yielding commercial property is normally bought very quickly and are never on the market for long.

High Yielding Real Estate

The commercial real estate that we find will all yield greater than 8%.

We have access to High Yield from $500,000 to $5m+

Current high yield commercial deal waiting for a buyer


Major metro area

Over 8% yield

Yieldfinda are High Yield Commercial Property Professionals

One of our recent deals just closed at

over 10% yield

In the heart of a major metro area

Why use a Yieldfinda Agent?

We'll find you a High yielding Commercial property in a major metro city from around Australia so that you can generate a passive income. Commercial property transactions differ from residential properties significantly. Purchasing a commercial property can be intimidating and fraught with danger if you are not familiar with how commercial property works.

With a Yieldfinda agent, we have a team dedicated to making the search for your high yielding commercial property easier. We will guide you through the whole process from finding that initial property to getting the property settled.

Types of commercial loans

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How it works in only seven easy steps

  1. Register with yieldfinda.com and you will be placed on a waiting list for a high yielding commercial real estate.
  2. Once a suitable high yielding commercial property that fits your guidelines is found, you will receive an email from a buyer's agent with all the commercial property details and a buyer's agent terms sheet
  3. Should you decide to proceed with this property, return the terms sheet with a $500 non refundable commitment fee.
  4. Full details of the proposed property will be sent to you, and the buyer's agent will start to negotiate the price further to try and increase your yield.
  5. Due diligence is done and finance will be arranged during the subject to finance period. Finance becomes unconditional and the property is sold.
  6. At settlement a Service fee of 1.5% plus gst of the purchase price, less the $500 already paid, will be paid by the purchaser to the buyers agent.
  7. The purchaser now owns a high yielding commercial real estate with income from day one.

Note: The Service fee includes much more than just finding the property. The buyer's agent will find the property, help evaluate the deal, handle the negotiations, and liaise with the selling agent and or vendor. Should you also need help with managing the property post settlement we can also help you with that as well.


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