Have a look at the Frequently Asked Questions, If you still need further assistance, don't hesitate to contact us and we'll get back to you.

Who owns the Yieldfinda site?

Yieldfinda is owned by FlatComm. FlatComm is a licensed real estate agent.

Do you help us find high yield residential property?

Yieldfinda only specialises in high yielding commercial property.

Is Yieldfinda offered off market commercial properties?

Yes, the real estate agents know we have a list of commercial property buyers ready to go should they have a vendor who wants to sell quickly. Click for more information on off market commercial property transactions.

Is there a minimum commercial property purchase price?

The minimum purchase price is $500,000. There is no maximum purchase price.

How much deposit is usually needed to purchase a commercial property?

Generally government stamp duty and costs come to around 5% of the commercial property purchase price, so this needs to be taken into account.

The minimum deposit for a commercial property is 25% plus 5%. These 75% commercial loans are usually up to a purchase price of $5m.

Are there other services offered in conjunction with Yieldfinda?

Yes, through Comcierge, a commercial concierge service, the whole process of buying a high yielding commercial property has been made simple. We work with commercial professionals who will help you with every step of the way. Help is available to find the suitable high yielding commercial property, help with a cheap commercial loan and finally help to settle the commercial property with a commercial legal expert.